WYRD rundown

Good Wednesday Wyrdos (Yes you are Wyrdos, deal with it) it’s your friendly Campbelltown Hall of Heroes Henchmen here. Due to the new sagas page I have decided to give you all a rundown of what’s been happening with Wyrd lately

With the release of wave 4 Malifaux, a few new models have been added to each faction, and in true Wyrd style they have release the availability of these new models:


December 16

RES – Archie (Solo)

ARC – Beacon of Knowledge (Sandeep Desai Crew Box)

ARC – Shastar Vidiya Guard (Unit Box)

GRE – Iron Skeeters (Unit Box)


January 17

GUI – Death Marshal Recruiters (Unit Box)

ARC – Poison Gamin (Unit Box)

NEV – Will O’ Wisps (Unit Box)

TEN – Akaname (Unit Box)

TEN – An Oni’s Wrath (Asami Tanaka Crew Box)


February 17

GUI – The pen is mightier (Nellie Cochrane Crew Box)

GRE – Swine Cursed (Unit Box)

TEN – Yokai (Unit Box)

TTB – Fire in the Sky (Penny Dreadful)


March 17

GUI – Mounted Guards (Unit Box)

GUI – Field Reporters (Unit Box)

GUI – Alison Dade (Solo)

RES – Goryo (Unit Box)

NEV – The Queen’s Return (Titania Crew Box)

TEN – Terracotta Warriors (Unit Box)



Also you may have heard Wyrd is making a new miniature game Other Side it is officially being released on kick starter as of the 15th of December 2016.

For those who are familiar with malifaux, think malifaux rules then chuck them out the window, but keep the cards and that’s basically how the other side plays.

Standard 30, 40 and 50 mm bases are still in with the addition of a 120mm base for big walkers and “plug in bases” for units.

Because of the sheer volume of information that has been released it is prudent to direct you directly to the official Wyrd pages for more information:


Game play and introduction: https://www.wyrd-games.net/the-other-side

History and setting video:


Keep watching the sagas for more information as it comes


Your friendly (Arcanist) Henchman signing off

The Keeper

WYRD rundown