Event - Age of Sigmar : Clash of Heroes

Game System:
Date/s: 07-07-2019
Time: Any time during Gaming Hall Trading Hours
Game Limit: 2000pts
Cost: $15
HOH Data pack:
Official Data Pack:
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Key Information:

Clash of Heroes is The Hall of Heroes Monthly Age of Sigmar Event.

Players have to of purchased their tickets for these events by the Friday before the event. This is to ensure we can have every thing set up by the time players arrive.

This is a 2000 point three game tournament.

To enter you will require;
An army built and based on round bases.
TWO army lists, one for the TO and one to show the opponent
objective markers, dice, rules and tape measure
Superglue for repairs

We will be using the most up to date FAQ and books available the Friday before the event.

Armies and summoned units must be fully built and based.

No realm rules are being used but artifacts and spells must be on the army list.

Results will be submitted for rankings.

Entry is $15 and prize vouchers will be given for first, second, third, best game as well as best painted. A number of random prizes are given out depending on overall numbers.

Please note unless you bring an alternate army you are only eligible to win best painted once within a four month period.

8:45 - 9:00 Registration
9:00 - 11:30 Round one ( Relocation orb)
11:30 - 12:00 Lunch
12:00 - 14:30 Round two ( Border war)
14:40 - 17:10 Round three (Take and hold)
17:10 - 17:30 Results and pack up

Before the game you will be allowed to select a secondary that you will try to achieve. You may only attempt a secondary once and it must be marked on the sheet before the game. These are not secret and your opponent may ask which you have selected. These all must be completed before the end of turn three unless stated.

Victory points are used for tie breakers

* Crown Breaker - Slay the enemies general
* Reaper - destroy all opponents Battleline units
* Wild Hunt - Kill at least two behemoths (gristlegore terrorgheists/dragons count)
* Spell Eater - unbind three spells
* Frenzied attack - destroy all opponents units by the end of the game
* No matter the cost - win the game having lost more units/more victory points then the opponent
* Mage Lord - cast eight spells
* Imperishables - don’t lose an entire unit throughout the game (includes characters)
* Warlord - have your general kill the opponents general
* Deathless - have your general survive on one wound by the end of the battle